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"This is the BEST. Worth every penny. Gives you knowledge & experience that would take years to accrue" C.L. "I can highly recommend the course..... I would definitely rate this course 5*" D.F.

OVER 5 HOURS OF CONTENT - 70 films, including, individual lesson films, Raj's "Tales from the Trade" stories, quizzes and downloadable notes for every lesson.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • 1:0 Introduction

    • 1:1 Tools of the Trade

    • 1:2 Practicalities

    • 1:3 Budgeting

    • Getting Started Quiz

    • Getting Started Download Material

  3. 3
    • 2:0 Introduction

    • 2:1 Description and Viewing

    • 2:2 Damage and Repairs

    • Raj's tales from the trade

    • 2:3 Research

    • 2:4 Provenance and Marks

    • 2:5 Saleability

    • Raj's tales from the trade

    • 2:6 Negotiating

    • Buying Theory Quiz

    • Buying Theory Download Material

  4. 4
    • 3:0 Introduction

    • 3:1 Antique Shops and Centres

    • Raj's tales from the trade

    • 3:2 Auctions

    • 3:3 Antique Fairs

    • 3:4 Charity Shops, Boot Fairs and Garage Sales

    • Raj's tales from the trade

    • 3:5 Buying Online

    • Buying Practice Quiz

    • Buying Practice Download Material

  5. 5
    • 4:0 Introduction

    • 4:1 Research

    • 4:2 Damage and Repairs

    • Raj's tales from the trade

    • 4:3 Provenance

    • 4:4 Description and Presentation

    • 4:5 Art of the Deal and Negotiating

    • Raj's tales from the trade

    • Selling Theory Quiz

    • Selling Theory Download Material

  6. 6
    • 5:0 Introduction

    • 5:1 Antique Shops and Centres

    • 5:2 Auctions

    • 5:3 Antique Fairs

    • Raj's tales from the trade

    • 5:4 Boot Fairs and Garage Sales

    • 5:5 Online Platforms and Auctions

    • Raj's tales from the trade

    • 5:6 Private sales and Websites

    • Selling Practice Quiz

    • Selling Practice Download Material

  7. 7
    • 6:0 Introduction

    • 6:1 Regionality

    • Raj's tales from the trade

    • 6:2 Timing

    • 6:3 Trends

    • Raj's tales from the trade

    • 6:4 Sets

    • Minimising Risk, Maximising Profit Quiz

    • Minimising Risk, Maximising Profit Download Material

  8. 8
    • 7:0 Introduction

    • 7:1 Image and Reputation

    • Raj's tales from the trade

    • 7:2 Networking

    • 7:3 Marketing

    • Raj's tales from the trade

    • 7:4 Online Marketing

    • Network and Marketing Quiz

    • Networking and Marketing Download Material

  9. 9
    • Summary


Senior Instructor

Raj Bisram

Raj has been working in the world of Antiques and Collectables, in the UK, for over 40 years. During that time he has owned Antique Shops, Markets and an Auction House. He has also organised Antique Fairs. Raj regularly appears on Television as an Antiques expert. You may have seen him on the BBC on Antiques Roadshow, Bargain Hunt, Antiques Road Trip and Flog it or on Channel 4 on Four Rooms and Posh Pawn. Many of these shows are shown around the world. Raj currently splits his time between TV appearances, working as an Auctioneer and developing online and live learning events.


  • Who is the course designed for?

    The course is designed for anyone either preparing to work in the trade as a career or a keen amateur looking to increase their knowledge base. Some students are new to the world of Antiques and Collectables and others have more experience. Often our students have a good level of experience in one area, for instance Boot Fairs or dealing Online and are looking to gain more knowledge in order to enable them to expand into the wider market. As well as advice and guidance of how to deal in every area of the market, the course covers the practical considerations of running a successful business. Sections include Budgeting, Legal aspects, Timing, Regionality, trading overseas, Marketing, Networking, Damage and Repairs.

  • How long is the course?

    The lesson films are around 5 hours in total. You can either watch them individually or in blocks. Many students pause and rewind films to make notes. There are quizzes after each chapter and notes to download. You can decide how long you spend studying the course. Some students do the whole course in a weekend, others go more slowly and spread it out over several weeks. You can revisit any lesson whenever you wish.

  • Is the course designed only for students in the UK?

    Whilst Raj has worked mostly in the UK and Europe, he has extensive knowledge of trading in many other countries. The world of Antiques and Collectables is remarkably similar in most countries so the course is designed for students globally. You should always be aware of the laws and rules of any individual country you are dealing in.

  • Will there be any more courses in this series?

    We are currently developing a series of follow on courses designed to compliment this course, ideal for students looking to specialise in certain areas of the trade. They will be subject based and will go into great detail with other experts joining Raj. Subjects likely to be featured include Silver and Jewellery, Art, Furniture, Glass and Ceramics, Modern Collectables, Restoration and Upcycling, Trading in different regions and Specific time periods.

  • How much is the course?

    The cost for the complete course inclusive of everything including taxes is £375. This includes unlimited access to all lessons and downloads.

Bonus material

  • ZOOM get togethers

    Raj will be holding occasional Zoom sessions where students will get the chance to chat with Raj and other students about the course and all aspects of the business. Details coming soon

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